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Best for up to 2 acres

48” – 54”
Best for 2 to 4 acres

Best for more than 4 acres

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Model#  RY48ZTR75
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Zero Turn Mowers

If you have a large yard, a zero-turn mower can help you cut the grass faster than ever before. Comfortable, quick and easy to use, today’s mowers can take the headache out of lawn maintenance.

Mow More Efficiently

Zero-turn mowers get their name from the superior control they offer with a turning radius of zero. These lawn tractors give you the ability to work easily around trees, shrubs and other obstacles. They also provide cutting paths of 48 inches and wider, so you can cover more ground quickly and reduce the amount of time you spend mowing.

Most zero-turn riding mowers come with powerful engines of 20 horsepower or more, so they can run fast on open lawns. This makes them ideal for large, flat yards.

Go for Comfort and Utility

When you’re cutting a large lawn, you’ll want to be comfortable. Look for features like high-backed, adjustable seats, as well as rubber foot pads, adjustable control levers and padded steering wheels to maximize comfort.

Consider an automatic or hydrostatic transmission so you can easily adjust your speed without shifting. These models are operated by hand levers or foot pedals for precision control.

Many zero-radius mowers, such as models from Toro, also include a rear hitch for pulling attachments like carts, aerators, lawn sprayers and leaf sweepers. For added convenience, a number of Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers even have Bluetooth connectivity to monitor your mower. To learn more about maintaining your mower, be sure to check out the tips in our project guide.

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