Buying Guide

Ladder Accessories Buying Guide

Ladder Stabilizers
A ladder propped outside a home with a stabilizer attached

One of the most popular extension ladder accessories on the market, ladder stabilizers are spring-loaded with locking latch devices designed to give you extra support when you’re working high up off the ground. 

They’ll also provide much needed support if you’re performing a task where you need to use both hands while standing on the ladder. Most ladder stabilizers also have anti-mar caps that keep them from damaging delicate or painted surfaces.

Here are a few examples of when you might use a ladder stabilizer:

  • Painting an exterior building or home. A ladder stabilizer can give you proper support so you can easily paint hard to reach areas.
  • When you’re trying to reach framing or trim on a window to paint or make repairs. Ladder stabilizers can provide support around the window so you have direct access to it.
  • Tackling siding repair or installing gutters. You’ll need your hands for this job, so a stabilizer is a must-have.
  • When you’re leaning against a slick surface. Ladder stabilizers typically have rubber caps that will keep your ladder from slipping and sliding around. Stabilizers are also helpful when working in the rain or after it has rained.
Ladder Levelers
A person standing on a ladder with a leveler attached

Ladder levelers are designed to fit with the existing legs of your ladder. Typically made from durable materials like hard rubber, many models also feature an icepick-style attachment that allows them to dig into tough ground or frozen areas for extra stability. 

Here’s how you might use a ladder leveler:

  • To secure your footing on soft materials like grass, dirt or gravel.
  • To keep your ladder from slipping on wet, snowy or icy surfaces. Ladder levelers can also help with naturally slick surfaces like slate or stone.
  • To make your ladder even on both sides when working in an area with an uphill or downhill slope. Ladder levelers are typically adjustable on both sides so you can get level footing no matter what the terrain beneath you is like. 
Ladder Trays
Ladders with project trays attached that are full of tools

If you are ever on a ladder and need a place to set something down, ladder trays can help. 

Here’s are a few ways to use ladder trays:

  • Keep tools handy even when you don’t need them in your hand. Multipurpose trays are great when you just need a place to sit your wrench, hammer, pliers or drill down for a second.
  • Hold paint buckets. Ladder trays are ideal for holding a little touch up paint while you’re at the top of a ladder. Of course, they’ll also happily hold brushes, rags and anything else you need while touching up paintwork.
  • Make sure you don’t lose small screws or items. A tray is excellent for holding small items like screws, window screen clips and more while you’re working on a ladder.

Ladder trays come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Look for multipurpose models or go for a more specific type like a tech tray for holding an assortment of more task-specific tools or gallon-size paint buckets. Oversized options hold even more like an assortment of all the paint brushes or patching materials you’ll need to complete any size task.

Ladder Hooks
A ladder atop a roof with a ladder hook attached

Climbing a roof or working in a dangerous setting can be tricky even with a durable, high-quality extension ladder. Ladder hooks are designed to provide extra grip power and are easily installed so your ladder can hang in an area where an extension ladder can’t reach. 

Here are a few common ways ladder hooks are used:

  • Roofing repairs. Ladder hooks are often used to reach the peak of a pitched roof where an extension ladder alone would be unsafe.
  • Chimney repairs. Accessing the top point of a roof is much safer when using ladder hooks.
  • Skylight installation or repair.
  • Step flashing repair.

Your ladder is a valuable tool that you likely use often. Whether you’re looking for extension ladder accessories to make your job safer like ladder racks, stabilizers, levelers and hooks, or you want to make small jobs more convenient, finding ladder parts to make quick work of any job is a breeze. Add the right ones to your tool kit so you’re prepared for any task and any situation.