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Vanity Light Height

Above-Mirror Light Height
a bathroom with a vanity light bar above the mirror
  • The standard bath vanity light height is roughly 75 inches to 80 inches from the floor, above the mirror.
  • For a child’s bathroom, keep the light at the standard height, but choose a wall-hung mirror that can be raised as they grow.
  • If your mirror is taller than the recommended vanity lighting height, measure three inches from the top of the mirror. This is where the vanity light bar should be placed for the most even illumination across your reflection.
Side-Mirror Light Height
his and hers bathroom sinks featuring vanity lighting on each side of the mirror
  • If you have enough space for vertical fixtures or sconces on either side of your bathroom mirror, the placement is slightly different.
  • Sconces should be hung between 60 inches to 70 inches from the floor.
  • Choose a height near eye-level to minimize shadows around the face.
  • It’s important to make sure the light is evenly placed on each side of the mirror to keep the space looking bright and clear.
  • Avoid installing side lights at a lower height in a kids' bathroom. Follow the standard recommendations and allow children to grow into the space.