Project Guide

How to Install a Towel Bar

Decide on the Hanging Area
Woman holds towel bar against the wall to find perfect hanging spot.

You want to make sure you find the right towel bar height that works for your family or household. While the industry standard is about 48 inches from the floor, be sure to take into account children or anyone in the house with limited mobility.  

Using a stud finder, hold the towel bar against the wall and check to see if there's a stud behind the location you want to place your towel bar. 

Even if you do find studs, you can use pan-head screws. If you don't find a stud, you will need to drill in wall anchors. Oftentimes, even if you do locate a stud in the right area, you will want to use at least one wall anchor to secure the towel bar to the wall. 

Measure and Mark Area
Person measures and marks where the towel bar will hang.
  • Measure the towel bar from end to end. 
  • Next, measure the height to make sure that it's a comfortable level for everyone in the house. 
  • Mark the desired location of the mounting brackets and mark the area on the wall using a pencil. 

Drill Mounting Holes
Person drills into the wall.
  • Hold the mounting bracket against the wall in line with your marks. 
  • Hold a level against the wall to ensure your marks are even.
  • Using your drill, pre-drill holes where your marks were made so you can secure your mounting plates. 

Securing Mounting Plates
Person drills wall anchors to secure mounting plate.

If you are using an anchor, drive the anchor in with a hammer. Then attach the bracket using screws. 

If you are not using an anchor, attach the mounting plate use your drill or screwdriver to drive screws into pre-made holes. 

Hang Towel Bar
A new towel bar hangs on the wall.
  • Using the set screw and wrench provided with your towel bar, attach one of the bar holders to the bracket. 
  • Slide the bar into place and attach the next bar holder. 
  • Put a little pressure on the towel bar to make sure it is secure. 
  • Hang towels. 

In addition to determining the location and towel bar height, deciding on the look of new bathroom accessories is important. From wood towel bars to over-the-door options, there is a wide variety of towels bars available. Towel rings and towels racks are also great options for bathroom updates and are often available in bath hardware sets with matching toilet paper holders and more.