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Halloween Decoration Ideas

Decorate Your Interior
a halloween side table display with string lights, candelabras and other trinkets
  • Use indoor Halloween decorations to spruce up your foyer, main hallways or dining areas.
  • Side tables and end tables are great for displaying small trinkets like gourds, skull props and spiced candles. Finish the look with a candelabra for added drama and drape pieces of straw and a faux spider web around the table as a finishing touch.
  • To light up the area, wrap a set of string lights around the table. Choose a set with bigger bulbs for maximum impact. Some Halloween lights even flicker for a creepy effect.
  • If you’d like to enhance your walls, consider using a Halloween-themed temporary wallpaper. Choose darker colors with an eerie design like a skull pattern or a flock of ravens.
Decorate Your Yard
a halloween yard display with a grim reaper and zombie horse inflatables
  • Halloween yard decorations are key to a celebratory Halloween display. 
  • Use life size Halloween inflatables to fill your yard with eerie scenes and spooky characters like the grim reaper, a wicked witch or a fire-breathing dragon – or all three! The more items you add to the scene, the more festive your display will appear.
  • Other fun items to add to your outdoor Halloween decorations include faux Halloween tombstones, a Halloween fog machine, animal skeletons and even imitation zombie limbs. 
Illuminate the House
a halloween front porch display with lights, pumpkins and other props
  • When planning your outdoor Halloween decor, don’t forget to spruce up your entranceway. 
  • Hang string lights in orange and purple around the front door and windows to bring the whole look together.
  • Halloween projection spot lights set the mood on your front porch. Choose lights with interchangeable slides that cast ghoulish shadows and really put on a show for the neighborhood. Some have multi-color modes while others use black and white for classic silhouettes of your favorite creepy creatures.

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