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How to Decorate With Mirrors

Tips for Decorating with Mirrors
A  bedroom with a white bedspread, area rug, night stand, dresser and large, rectangular mirror leaning against one wall.

Before you hang a mirror, check to see what it will reflect, so you don’t get any unwanted views. Be careful that mirrors don't reflect other mirrors, which can give you an undesirable, disorienting effect. 

Think of mirrors as pieces of art and use them as decor in any room. 

Have a vintage mirror? Use it as a focal point with a variety of interior design styles. 

Try a large mirror at the end of a hallway to add a sense of depth. A big mirror also provides a sense of dimension in a small space. 

Keep proportion in mind. A small mirror often looks out of place in a large room, and a big mirror can overwhelm a small table or other piece of furniture underneath it. 

If you have an unframed mirror that's just too plain for your decor, use a mirror-framing kit to update it. 

How to Decorate with Mirrors in a Living Room
A living room with chairs, a sofa, area rug, coffee table, bookcases and a round mirror over a fireplace mantle.

Choose one wall decorate with mirrors in a living room. Use different shapes, sizes and styles, but make sure they complement each other so the design looks unified and not chaotic. 

Hang a handsome mirror over a sofa instead of a piece of art.

Frameless mirrors are popular, as are mirrors with geometric designs. If your room lacks a window, use a mirror in an arched frame or a mirror that looks like a window with multiple panes of glass. Mirrors with these kinds of architectural elements can create a sense of openess and substitute for windows. 

Lean a large mirror against a living room wall and lean pieces of art in different sizes and frames against it for a layered look.

Hang a mirror over a mantle. Use battery-operated candles in front of it to create a soft, romantic glow. At Christmastime or during other holidays, remove the candles and drape strings of festive mini-lights on the mantle so they'll reflect in the mirror. 

Anchor a table in a foyer with an eye-catching mirror. You can also use it to give your clothes or hair a last-minute check when you’re leaving the house.

Decorate a Bedroom with Mirrors
A bedroom with a bed, two night stands with lamps, an area rug and a large, round mirror over the bed.

Give a bedroom mirror a decorative touch by hanging it from a pretty ribbon, an attractive chain or even industrial-looking wire. Be safe and make sure whatever you use is strong and secure enough to hold the mirror without allowing it to fall and break.

If your interior design style is rustic or farmhouse, consider using a mirror with a distressed or whitewashed wooden frame. 

Install mirror tiles to create a large, custom-sized mirror in a bedroom or other room. 

Consider using mirrored doors on a closet to make a bedroom feel and look larger. They're also useful when you're getting dressed each morning.

Add a deep frame to a mirror and put it on one wall. Use the bottom of the frame as a shelf to hold jewelry and watches, perfume bottles or other small items.  

Use a mirror as a headboard for a single or twin bed, or hang two matching mirrors a little distance apart and let them serve as a headboard for a king or queen bed.

If your mirror will be more utilitarian than decorative, or you're simply short on wall space, hang a full-length mirror behind a bedroom door. Full-length floor mirrors are available , and some floor mirrors have easel-back stands that can be used to display the mirror at an angle. Again, be safe and use leaning mirrors or mirrors on easels with caution, especially if children and pets are around. 

How to Decorate a Bathroom with Mirrors
A bathroom with abstract wallpaper and matching mirrors with lamps hung over a dark vanity with gold finished faucets.

Brighten a small or dark bathroom with a mirror hung across the room from a window, so it can reflect the natural light.

For a glamorous look, hang a backlit mirror to softly illuminate your bathroom or add a make-up mirror with built-in lighting.

If you have space, hang identical vanity mirrors over a bathroom vanity. Use sconces between or above them for lighting. 

Illuminate a long vanity with a single mirror and an attractive light fixture above it.

Consider a medicine cabinet with a mirrored door if you’re short on wall space. 

For an elegant, classic look, choose a mirror with beveled edges for your bathroom. Try a simple, unframed mirror if your interior design is minimalistic. For a contemporary bath, use a vessel sink and hang a mirror in a burnished bronze or other metallic-looking frame over it. 

Create a Gallery Wall with Mirrors
A variety of mirrors in different shapes and sizes decorating a gallery wall.

To make a gallery wall with mirrors, start by collecting a variety of wall mirrors in different shapes, sizes and styles. Don’t be afraid to mix antique or vintage mirrors with contemporary styles. 

Place a large piece of Kraft paper on a table or floor and arrange the mirrors on it. Move them round to find the most pleasing design. 

Mark the spot where each mirror will hang on the paper and then remove them. Use painter's tape to tape the paper to the wall you've selected. Mark spots on the wall that correspond to the spots for the mirrors you made on the paper. Add mirror hooks or hangs and install the mirrors.


If the gallery wall is over a table in a foyer, hall or living room, add texture and color with a vase of flowers, a ceramic lamp, a stack of books or a few other objects. 

Decorate a Dining Room or Kitchen with Mirrors
A dining room with a table and four chairs, a large chandelier and a gold-framed, rectangular mirror over a buffet.

Use a decorative mirror instead of artwork to glam up a dining room or kitchen. Hang it so it reflects light from a window, chandelier or other light fixture.

Install a mirror or mirror tiles behind kitchen countertops to make a backsplash. Remember to clean the mirrors often, as they'll get some splatters when you're cooking.

Add a pop of color and brighten a dining room or other eating space by painting a mirror in a wood frame. 

How to Hang Mirrors
Someone hanging a mirror on a wall with a hook.


A single nail isn’t enough to hold a mirror securely, which could cause damage or harm if it fell. Use our guide on how to hang a heavy mirror for tips on mounting your mirror safely and consult our buying guide to find the most appropriate hangers to get the job done.  

Use picture hangers to hold a mirror flat against a wall. Hanging a mirror from a wire and a hook usually lets the mirror hang forward, which distorts the reflection. 

Be sure the wall you've selected for hanging your mirrors can support their weight. Also, choose hangers designed for the weight of your mirror. Weight ratings are based on surfaces that do not move, so you may need a stronger hanger or hook if the mirror will be on a door or other surface that can move.

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