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How to Grow Peonies

How to Plant Peonies:
  • Peonies are long-lived; some live for decades. They don’t like to be transplanted, so choose a place with well-drained soil where they can grow undisturbed.
  • Plant in full sun or light shade; however, too much afternoon sun can scald the leaves.
  • Dig a hole as deep as the container, removing weeds and rocks. The hole should be wider than it is deep, to allow the roots to spread.
  • Amend the soil with compost or composted manure.
  • Plant the peony so that the “eyes,” which are the growing tips, are no more than 1” beneath the surface. Too deep and the peony won’t bloom.
  • Replace the soil and firmly pat it down, forming a saucer around the hole to prevent runoff.
  • Water gently so as not to compact the soil after planting, and if rainfall is inadequate, water weekly until the ground freezes.
  • Do not mulch peonies.