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Questions and Answers for Charcoal Companion Cedar Wood Grilling Plank

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Model #CC7410

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  • Adds a smoky flavor to your favorite foods
  • Plank-cook your meats, seafoods and more right over open flames
  • Use plank for grilling or as a serving piece

Questions & Answers

Q:Is this raw, or it has some different materials?
by|Feb 27, 2018
2 Answers
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A:  Yes, this product is raw.

by|Mar 7, 2019

    A:  It is a plain cedar plank...nothing else added!

    by|Jun 25, 2019
      Q:Is it reusable? Or is it just for one time use?
      by|Jun 8, 2017
      4 Answers
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      A:  Reusable. Cook over indirect heat. When finished cooking, allow to cool, wash in the sink (I didn't use soap), let dry, then store for next use.

      by|Oct 8, 2019

        A:  This can be reused.

        by|Jun 10, 2019
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          A:  Yes, if you are careful not to char.

          by|Jun 10, 2019
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            A:  If you Char one side of the board, as some recipes suggest, this becomes a one use board. It is far too thin to take repeated heatings

            by|Oct 15, 2019
              Q:How is this cedar plank Amy different than the untreated cedar found in the lumber department? Except for price that is.
              by|Oct 26, 2015
              1 Answer
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              A:  It's not. But you would need to have a way to slice the lumber quite thin.

              by|Apr 6, 2020
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