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Questions and Answers for Universal Premium Offset Grill Cover

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Model #700-0104

Store SKU #1001533707

  • Grill cover made of polyester material
  • Fits most gas grills, charcoal grills and combo grills
  • Includes hook and loop straps for securing into place

Questions & Answers

Q:Nexgrill 5 burner what cover part number to purchase
by|Apr 19, 2023
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Q:greetings....i just purchased this, and im satisfied with the initial quality. but i have some concern about the perforated strip. i read it is for eliminating mildew, but ive never had a mildew issue or concern. but i now have a concern that strip will allow rain water to make contact with my grill. we purchase covers to prevent that. i will give it a try, does it matter if that strip faces the front or the rear of the grill ?...thank you
by|Jun 18, 2019
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A:  I always place the vent in the rear. It is placed low enough that you should not get rain inside.

by|Dec 6, 2020

    A:  hello Joey, my name is Marianne on behalf of Nexgrill.This is a universal cover it should fits most gas charcoal combo grills. you can install the grill cover in the way it fits your grill. These are all for ventilation purposes. We do recommend keeping the units under a patio when not in use to help protect from the outdoor elements. I hope you enjoy your day!!

    by|Oct 10, 2022
      Q:What is the size of this cover
      by|Apr 15, 2017
      4 Answers
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      A:  65 in

      by|Jan 8, 2019

      A:  Hi Bobbykay. Marilyn here with Nexgrill. The cover is 63 inches in width, 22.5 inches in depth and 50 inches in height. Feel free to reach us at 800-913-8999 Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00p, PST with any questions. Happy Grilling!

      by|May 30, 2020
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        A:  63" L x 30"+ W

        by|Dec 27, 2018

          A:  63 in by 22.5 in by 50 in.. but see my review.. bbq dude

          by|May 4, 2023

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