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Customer Reviews for Karcher S650 Outdoor Push Sweeper

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Model #1.766-303.0

  • Dual spinning brushes clean up to 5X faster than a broom
  • Human-powered sweeper weighs only 22 lbs. and is easy to push
  • Ideal for sweeping pavement, roads, driveways and garages

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No more brooms!
This Karcher push sweeper is like a mini street sweeper. I use it both in my over-sized 2 car garage and the entrance way that collects dirt, leaves, and lots of stuff blown onto it by the wind; not only that but fits well on a sidewalk and alleviates the need for a blower after cutting grass. I have always used a stiff wide push broom that I would have to go over again (and sometimes again). This baby does the job in one fell swoop. The brushes spin and deposit the dirt into a large container you simply lift off and dump in the rubbish. It is light weight and east to push and maneuver; the handle folds for easy storage if you don;t have room for it on the floor after use.
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I had no idea!!
Goodness, I had no idea that there was a product out there, like this! It's amazing! First, it's super easy to put together...just need a screwdriver for the 6 phillips head screws to secure the brushes to the bottom of the sweeper....put the handle on and you are ready to go. This sweeper picks up everything...whether it's grass, pebbles, leaves, etc. Here's where I was impressed.....I took it down this one particular sidewalk which looked clean to me.....but was surprised to open the collection tub and quite a bit of surface dirt was in there!! Wow! Where has this been all my life? I love it and think you will too :) I tried to download a picture several times but the system wouldn't accept it for some reason...so, let me just say it looks exactly like it does on the website.
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The concept for this product makes sense. It applies the principle of commercial street sweepers to a yard-sized device. Yet the pitch of the collector is insufficient to keep the swept-up leaves away from the rear brush and, after collecting about a pint's worth of leaves, the rear brush simply picks them up from inside and puts them back on the ground. The gasket on the frame that should keep dust inside the collector fell apart within a month, and finding a replacement is proving impossible (nobody at Karcher seems to know what the part is). Given the price of the product, there's little to recommend it because the price-to-value ratio is so incredibly low.
    Showing 1-30 of 93 reviews