Project Guide

How to Install a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Closet Storage System

Getting Started
A woman leveling hang track of a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack closet storage system

The ShelfTrack mounting system is a flexible and easy-to-install system that allows shelving to be adjusted as needs change. To get started with a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack closet, first measure the closet or area. ShelfTrack installation starts by installing and leveling the hang track, which should be screwed into studs if possible.  

ShelfTrack Hang Track Installation
Securing ClosetMaid ShelfTrack hang track to closet wall studs

When installing ShelfTrack™, always secure the hang track first. 

  • At a desired height, level hang track with overhang positioned at top. 
  • Mark hole locations every 16 inches for studs and every 8 inches for concrete and drywall. 
  • Secure to wall based on wall type.

Install ShelfTrack Standards and Brackets
A woman installing ShelfTrack closet storage system standards
  • Locate notched end of standard. Place standard onto hang track so notch fits over bottom rail. 
  • Space standards no more than 24 inches apart. 
  • Insert brackets into standards at desired heights and snap-lock them into the standards. The shelves snaps securely onto the brackets.

Install ShelfTrack Shelves
A person installing ClosetMaid ShelfTrack wire shelves
  • Choose from three types of shelving: Close mesh, also known as linen or pantry shelving, Shelf and Rod, or SuperSlide shelving. 
  • Insert shelving into brackets and snap into place.
  • Finally, add drawers, shoe shelves and other accessories to complete the look.
  • The ShelfTrack system provides unending flexibility as shelving may be adjusted at any time.

For design ideas or to create a design, visit 

Fixed Mount Installation
An installed ClosetMaid Fixed Mount closet storage system

As an alternative to the ShelfTrack system, there is a FixedMount system. With the FixedMount system, the back of the shelf is attached to the wall using wall clips. It's supported on the ends with sidewall brackets and in the middle with support brackets. While a fixed mount installation is less versatile than the ShelfTrack system, it is slightly more economical in the short term.

Fixed Mount Hardware includes:

  • Wall Clip: Anchors shelves to back walls and is used in all types of installations. Spaced no than 12 inches apart. Number of clips required is figured by adding one (1) to the feet of shelving (6 foot shelf = 7 clips).
  • Wall Bracket: Installs on side walls of closets to provide solid support and a finished look.
  • Support Bracket: Secures the shelf to the wall to provide support for the front of the shelf. Use one bracket every 36 inches.
  • Vertical Support Pole: Supports multiple shelves and comes with pre-drilled holes and clips to hold shelves and it is used in place of support brackets.

1. Level, measure, and mark for wall clip placement. Use the stud finder to locate the studs.

2. Drill holes for wall clips.

3. Insert all clips into holes by pushing on the pin with a hammer.

4. Snap shelving into the wall clips. Level shelf and secure to wall with support brackets.