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How to Plant Fruit Trees

Plan Ahead for Fruit Trees

1.  Check with your Garden Center associate or local Cooperative Extension Service to learn the types of fruit trees grow well in your area. Look for varieties with high levels of natural resistance to pests and diseases.

2.  Start with varieties best suited for your area and plant only as many trees as you can maintain.

3.  Pick the best planting site. Fruit trees prefer fertile, well-drained soil with full or almost-full sun. Avoid low spots where frost lingers. Look for hidden hazards like buried utility or sewer lines. Call the utility companies who will usually mark them at no charge. Envision how the tree will look in 10 years to make sure it won’t crowd buildings or power lines when mature.

4.  Plan for multiples. Some fruit trees must be planted in pairs for good pollination.

5.  Mark the site with a stake.