Auger Rental

Fence & Post Tools

Post Hole Digger

Category #08 Group #826

Digs up to a 6" diameter hole. Fiberglass handles are 4’ long. Blades are sharpened carbon steel to assist in cutting through sod and compacted soil.

Rent Augers

1 Man Auger

category #08 group #820

One-person operated auger, perfect for fencing, decks and landscaping applications. Designed to dig up to an 8" diameter hole in a variety of soil classifications.

PRO 1 Man Auger

category #08 group #821

Perfect for applications such as fencing, decks, landscaping, sign erection, soil sampling and horizontal boring Features a unique operator handle which reduces body fatigue, while capable of digging holes 8 in. in diameter and a depth of 30 in. Easy Start / Compression release.

2 Man Auger

category #08 group #822

Two man hole digger that provides a productive solution for fencing, decks and landscaping applications Perfect for digging holes up to 18 in. in diameter.

Towable Hydraulic Auger

category #08 group #823

With its heavy duty construction, variable speed forward and reverse auger rotation, the HD99 can easily dig with any auger up to 18 inch diameter. The HD99 is designed to take the load off the operator by being almost perfectly balanced with our 8 inch auger attached, and the right angle design eliminates torque to the operator. Comes equipped with a towbar.

More About Auger Rental

If you're planning a project that requires digging holes, such as building a fence or installing a deck, renting an auger will save you time and money. Both pros and DIYers come to The Home Depot Tool Rental Center for convenient auger rental services to complete a wide range of commercial and residential home improvement projects.