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Manual Tamper

category #06 group #605

Use to flatten and smooth dirt, stone and asphalt. Equipped with 8" x 8" Base plate, Cast iron base and 10" Rubber grip. Weighs 28 lbs.

Jumping Jack

category #06 group #607

Compacts clay and dirt. ƒIdeal for small, confined spaces such as trenches and foundations. ƒNo-mix oil-injected system and shock reduction handle simplify operation and improve comfort for operator.

Vibratory Plate Compactor 14"

category #06 group #603

Handles light duty applications of sand and gravel into crevices to lock in pavers, bricks and blocks using a 14" plate. ƒIdeal for smaller projects like interlocking paving stones, trenches, landscaping and maintenance or any confined area soil compaction. ƒWater tank allows for easy operator use on hot and cold asphalt.

Vibratory Plate Compactor 20"

category #06 group #600

Handles heavy duty applications of sand and gravel into crevices to lock in pavers, bricks and blocks using a 20" plate. ƒIdeal for large projects like parking areas, driveways or subfloors as well as large hardscape projects. Large capacity water tank and the wide filler opening leads to easy operator use and improved productivity.

More About Compaction Rental

The Home Depot Tool Rental Center has you covered with a full offering of compaction rental equipment for many types of construction jobs. Almost every construction project requires soil that is sufficiently compacted for a firm, dense support base and compaction tools are a must if you are looking for that professionally smooth concrete surface finish. The right compaction tool can prevent various structural problems such as cracking and leaking walls, foundation erosion, slab issues and breakage in pipes. There are many variables to consider when choosing the proper compactor including soil type and the amount of soil to be compacted. Many of these factors will change drastically from job to job, so allow our Tool Rental Center to help you find the right tool; we’re here whenever you need us.