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Compost Bins

Compost is broken down organic matter that adds nutrients to soil and helps it retain moisture. The process diverts waste from landfills and makes it easy to recycle kitchen, yard and garden scraps. Our large selection of compost bins, tumblers and buckets means you’ll find the best container for your composting needs. 
Compost Container Features 

Composters come in many different designs and materials. They can hold anywhere from one to 125 gallons of food and garden waste. A stationary wood compost bin with an open top gives you convenient access to turn the pile. Others—like those made of recycled plastic—come with slits for air flow and doors or locking lids. A tumbler model with an internal rotating bar mixes the material so you won’t have to turn it with a pitchfork or shovel. 
If you’re looking for a small compost bin that fits on the kitchen counter, there are compact, stylish appliances that shred food waste and offer simple cleanup. Check out our composters buying guide for more tips. 

Composting Tips 

Home composting is easy. There are a few things, however, you should keep in mind to get the best results: 

• Compost needs oxygen for decomposition to occur.
• Regularly turning the pile lets air get to the center.
• Depending on your climate, water your pile often enough so that the moisture helps to retain heat. This is also essential for the breakdown process. 
For more tips, read our step-by-step project guide.

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