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Outdoor Decor Ideas

Flower Pots and Planters
A planter with multiple plants next to a wicker patio cushion chair.

Use potted plants and vertical gardens to bring greenery closer or create pops of seasonal color in your outdoor areas. Go for planters that complement your design theme or choose clay pots in various sizes and let the plants be the focus. 

Tip: Use spray paint to match a color scheme or hand paint designs on pots to coordinate your outdoor garden decor ideas. 

Accent Furniture
A decorative outdoor loveseat with a small metal occasional table.

When choosing extra pieces of outdoor furniture, consider how they will look with your main patio furniture. 

Remember that not everything has to be an exact match. A single lounge chair, side table or patio accessory in a standout color or unusual design can mix well with another design statement and become a focal point for your outdoor decor ideas.

Outdoor Rugs
A decorative outdoor rug under a patio set and outdoor fireplace

Soften your outdoor areas and add bursts of patterns and colors with easy-to-clean outdoor rugs. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors and designs, these durable rugs will showcase your style and stay comfortable underfoot for years to come. Need inspiration for outdoor patio decor ideas? Choose a great rug and decorate around it.

Wall Decor
A piece of metal outdoor wall art.

Hang some wall decor outside to add warmth and visual interest to bare exterior walls. Whether on the porch or on a garden wall, outdoor wall decor, clocks and wall sculptures provide unique touches. The pieces can be rotated to keep your look fresh from season to season.

Pillows and Poufs
Stacks of colorful outdoor pillows on a patio love seat beside two stone planters.

Use beautiful outdoor cushions to add comfort and style to your outdoor space. Pillows and poufs are an easy and affordable way to change colors for the season when paired with neutral patio furniture. 

Get various sizes so they're versatile enough to use for cozy decor or to soften the seating on a hard bench. Use jumbo pillows as floor seating for informal gatherings. Look for weatherproof, stain-resistant fabrics and durable inner materials that will retain their shape but still feel plush year after year.

Birdhouses and Bird Baths
A green birdhouse with a decorative silver door knocker

Encourage visits from feathery friends with birdhouses and bird baths that express your unique style. As a bonus, you'll enjoy the added element of cheerful chirping as background music when you relax in your garden or yard.

Extend Your Style
Farmhouse-style patio dining furniture in an outdoor setting.

For an easy approach to outdoor decorating, carry your indoor style outside. Whether classic, farmhouse, coastal, modern or any other design, look for pieces that have a similar aesthetic but stand up to the environment. 

Edible Accents
Hot peppers in a planter.

Let edible plants take the stage. Use small pots of herb plants, strawberries or small peppers as centerpieces on your outdoor dining tables or accents on side tables. Swap them out seasonally. Trade summer basil and cilantro for rosemary, sage plants and baby kales in fall.

Globe lights strung over a teal patio sectional sofa.

Light the way to an enjoyable evening with outdoor lighting. Swags of overhead string lights look festive in any season, and there are many styles to choose from, including miniature lanterns, Edison bulbs, stars and more.


While string lights are the simplest option, a wide range of outdoor lights gives you a more permanent solution. Try capping posts with deck lighting, outlining the patio with path or walkway lights, uplighting trees or hanging battery-operated lanterns at different heights in nearby trees.

Succulents in a small pot used as a centerpiece on a patio dining set.

Whether grown in hanging containers, planted in bowls as centerpieces or used for other outdoor garden decor ideas, succulents are trendy and fun. Their striking looks, versatility and ease of care make them excellent for any space.

Garden Flags
An orange and white team garden flag in a yard.

Nothing welcomes visitors with a whimsical touch like a garden flag snapping in a breeze. With so many designs available, you can find something that expresses your style, celebrates the season or shows support of your favorite team.

Water Features

From bubbling fountains to ponds filled with acquatic plants, water features are great ideas for outdoor decorating. Look for freestanding, tabletop or wall fountains made of fiberglass, ceramic and other materials. Pond kits make installation easy, or you can buy a pond liner, pump and other acessories to create your own look. 

Fire Pits

Outdoor heating lets you enjoy your patio, deck or backyard when the temperatures drop. Look for a fire pit or fire pit table, chiminea or other outdoor heater that runs on wood, propane, natural gas or other fuel. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and finishes or even consider adding an outdoor fireplace.

Planter Wall

A wall planter filled with ornamental plants or edibles can dress up a bare surface. Some vertical planters come ready to mount and have openings to hold herbs, seasonal flowers and succulents. You can also find wall pockets in various shapes and sizes. 

Privacy Wall

Need to screen a view? Try a wall art panel, fencing or pergola with privacy curtains. For a living privacy wall, grow vining plants on a tall trellis or up the sides of an arbor. Many shade structures will also help protect you and your outdoor furniture from  the sun.

Ideas for Outdoor Decorating on a Front Porch

A front porch is a great place for a hanging swing or comfortable chairs. Rocking chairs are traditional favorites. With a garden stool to hold snacks, you'll be ready for guests to drop by. 

An outdoor lamp lets you entertain after the sun goes down. Also, consider a ceiling fan with a light. It will keep you cool in the summer and provide a breeze to shoo bugs away.

Don't forget to give your front door a decorative boost with outdoor lights or sconces, a fresh coat of paint, a new doormat and a kickplate.

Outdoor Garden Decor Ideas

Garden statues add a personal touch to your outdoor space. Put a gnome under a tree, stake plastic flamingos around a kiddie pool, light a path with a solar-powered lighthouse or tuck a pretend-turtle under leafy plants. 

Landscaping is also important when you're looking for outdoor garden decor ideas. Plant a flowering tree, shrubs or beds of annuals, bulbs and perennials.

Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Open an umbrella over your patio table for a shady spot to eat. Some have holes in the top to hold umbrellas, while other umbrellas fit into portable bases. Cantilevered models will tilt to block the sun.

For drinks, stock an outdoor bar cart with glasses, napkins, an ice bucket and pitchers of lemonade and other beverages. 

DIY Outdoor Decor Ideas

Many DIY outdoor decor projects are fun and satisfying to do. Make a paver path through your garden or leading to your porch in a day or so. Create a rose garden with roses grown in containers, build a grill station or craft an address display planter to hold small plants.

Decorate outdoors in the style and colors you like. If you do a lot of entertaining, choose comfortable chairs, a patio table and outdoor lights. Turn your deck into a retreat with a hot tub or hammock. Front yard decor can include a fountain, garden flag and new door hardware. Make your backyard look nice by keeping your lawn lush and green, trimming shrubs and planting flowers. 

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