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Customer Reviews for American Standard H2Option 2-piece 1.6/1.0 GPF Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Toilet in White

Internet #202045569

Model #2886.216.020

  • PowerWash Rim Technology- scours the bowl with each flush
  • Siphonic action ensure a cleaner flush
  • Toilet seat sold separately

Customer Reviews

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  • 91% recommend this product
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Great features
We actually purchased 2 of these. Love the sides,very easy to clean.
by JB1953
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    Clean Design
    I installed this unit around Thanksgiving and have had several compliments on how nice it looks. Exterior sides of bowl are flat and easy to clean. Low water consumption is money saving and works extremely well. Toilet is a soft closing seat which came with the purchase. Never realized this was that great of a feature to have until I had it. Easy to install and it is American Standard which I have purchased for many years due to reliability.
    by Jeff06
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      Clean is the word
      I had a total bathroom renovation done and picked out this toilet because I thought it would be easy to clean. I love it, so much so I have recommended it to two friends, and plan to put one in the half bath when we redo it this year. It is much easier to clean that any other toilet and it saves water also.
      by Linder
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        Great style!
        I'm so happy I bought this toilet. It looks so sleek and modern. I love that it has solid sides instead of the dust traps others have on the side. I upgraded my bathroom and this fit in perfect in the small alcove.
        by Dannie
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          1.28 isn't enough
          Don't get this for the water savings you will need to TWO flush most of the times. My wife wanted the cleaning feature, the design is good for cleaning not for what you buy a toilet for.....
          by Matt54
          Response from Customer CareNov 12, 2018
          Thank you for your review. We apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced. Please contact us directly through the American Standard website "Contact Us" located at the bottom of our home page so we can assist you. Sincerely, American Standard Tech Team
            Great purchase!
            The toilet is not too big, flush is strong so toilet stays clean for a long time. I love the look with the concealed screws at base.
            by BORICUA
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              Great water efficiency
              Mostly happy with the toilet except for the toilet seat. Is not stable and moved side to side when seat is in the up position. Have to readjust it manually every time I lift the seat.
              by Artiko
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                We purchased this toilet for our master bathroom, which is a very tight space. So I wanted something that was more streamline and easy to clean. My husband Easily installed it with a little help from me, (Putting the toilet seat together was more difficult than installing the toilet). And it is Awesome!!! It flushes Great, cleans up So Easily and looks Amazing!!! I picked out toilets from another competitor for our other two bathrooms, because I didn't want my husband to stress installing toilets that were difficult to install. Now I kick myself for not havingthem in all three bathrooms. After this experience, we will never purchase an old-school toilet again!
                by MichelleDIY
                  The easiest toilet to assemble!
                  The assembly on this toilet was so easy! When it was mounted, I was blown away at how quickly the waste was eliminated and how quiet the toilet was. We bought two for our home and they were some of our best investments! Than you American Standard!
                  by Cyncyn
                  • Verified Purchase
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                  So Far, So Great
                  We’ve been using this toilet for four months: zero clogs, zero leaks, zero issues. Love it so far!
                  by Beepy
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                    Stays cleaner longer
                    Stays cleaner longer and the toilet seat prevents the rim getting dirty. Had a little trouble with the toilet lid staying in place, but after tightening twice it is now secure.
                    by 1Bob1
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                      works great
                      I like the multi flush, I noticed a difference in my water bill. The straight line construction makes for easy cleaning
                      by wayne s
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                        What a gulp!
                        I bought this toilet a year ago to replace one that was installed when the house was built - 40+ years ago. I was worried about having a toilet that saved water - would it be able to do the job? I've heard stories about having to flush four and five times, and worrying every time that there might be an overflow situation. I read about another toilet that could "swallow" a dozen golf balls. That's the one I wanted -- but it wouldn't fit in the space. In fact, this is one of the few toilets that did fit in my small space. So I bought it, installed it and waited to make a judgment until its first real test. It passed with flying colors. Since then, it has had numerous tests. Each time I've been amazed at its swallowing capacity. That other toilet I wanted has nothing on this one -- it has swallowed the equivalent of two or three dozen golf balls. It has never threatened to overflow or caused a problem of any kind.Seems crazy to say I love a toilet, but I do love this one.
                        by sc67
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                          Purchased over a year ago. Is the best toilet ever
                          by Jo in michigan
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                            Very efficient and like it's height
                            We originally purchased one for lake home. I liked it so much I added three at home. The height of the toilet was a big seller for us. And the base does not have those curves so it much sleeker looking and easier to clean.
                            by punkin
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                              Reliable and clean
                              Love this product! Comfortable for height. Stays clean because force of flush is so strong. A few times I put too much paper and it stuck, but it's so easy to unstuck--just pull it out. I have never had to plunge it like I did the older styles of toilets. So easy to maintain and clean and take care of!
                              by Jacq
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                                american standard toilrt
                                its been with us for almost 2 years without giving us any problem, i like the smooth and clean line of the toilet, it is easy to clean and maintain.
                                by rt7210
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                                  Great replacement for a very old (50+ Am Std) mode
                                  Have had this for not quite a year, should have had replaced years ago! Quiet and quick flush. VERY easy cleaning! I VERY GOOD choice.
                                  by Duskis
                                    • Recommended Product
                                    Great Toilet
                                    Remodeled our 2 bathrooms, bought 2 American standard --clean chair height toilets, easy to clean, flushes great, very pleased, recommend to any one looking for a good product.
                                    by TROY S
                                      • Recommended Product
                                      I love saving water
                                      I installed three of these in my home in 2016. Install was easy. A year and a half later, they are still doing the job. They help me save water with the small tank. They are simple to clean and stay relatively clean for a toilet. I'm very happy with my purchase.
                                      by Jordo
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                                        I am happy with the decision with the purchase we made. And also with visitors the last week they were impressed with the self cleaning feature
                                        by jimo
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                                          Great toilet
                                          This model flushes better than any other standard toilet I have used and is easy to clean with the smooth lower exterior finish.
                                          by GH70
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                                            Great so far
                                            Toilets been in about a month. Put together first. Dry-fit without wax ring install went well. Great flushing power.
                                            by WeeqndWore
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                                              No complaints!
                                              My family has been very happy with this toilet. We had concerns as to whether the low amount of water used to flush would be adequate but we have had no issues. The plumber who installed it was also impressed with the flush efficiency. The outside design allows for easy cleaning. We would definitely recommend this toilet!
                                              by Joe gymnast
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                                                Great features!
                                                This toilet has a strong flush feature and is easy to keep clean. I like the modern appearance and sleek design.
                                                by Modern Grandma
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                                                  Nice toilet...discontinued???
                                                  I installed this toilet just over a year ago. It flushes fine but better if you hold the handle down a few extra seconds. It has stayed clean with just normal cleaning.
                                                  by Chrissim
                                                    • Recommended Product
                                                    Small Space
                                                    Space saver Elongated toilet - use this toilet to replace a round standard toilet - this toilet fit into the restricted space and the added height is a plus.
                                                    by Bama10
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                                                      Modern, affordable and efficient.
                                                      Replaced all our toilets. We like the American Standard better than our kohler :). Modern design is amazing and its affordable! Very efficient and flushes like a dream.
                                                      by Milowejes1
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                                                        Looks Great
                                                        I bought this last year and works great and looks great.
                                                        by shadow12
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                                                          Very happy!
                                                          My bathroom had a weird smell. I thought it was my old Toto toilet, as the smell seemed to be coming from the floor near it. Replaced Toto with Am Standard, love the toilet, especially it's easy to clean exterior!!! Still have the smell though...:-(
                                                          by Betty98
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