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About Valves

If you have a leaking duct or busted pipe, it’s may be time to repair your plumbing for better water pressure and flow. Our assortment of valves can do the trick. 

Valves are devices that regulate the movement of fluids through pipes and ducts. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the laundry room, your home plumbing system needs the right valves to direct pressure the right direction and keep water flowing.

Valve Styles

There are two basic valve styles – the check valve and stop valve. Both valve styles provide pressure relief and control for the various plumbing systems, including a modern PEX manifold, in residential or commercial buildings.

Check valves prevent flow in the opposite direction. These are critical valves that ensure proper operation and prevent damage from reverse flows. The most common check valves, also known as backflow preventers, include swing valves, ball valves, silent valves and vacuum breaker valves.

Stop valves, also known as shut-off valves, are used to cut off or partially halt the flow of fluids. To control pressure conditions in plumbing, consider common stop valves like straight stop valves, gate valves, angle stop valves and compression valves. Three-way diverter valves are helpful to redirect and regulate fluids in the multiple directions.

Material Makes A Difference

Valves are typically made of PEX plastic or copper, brass and steel. When choosing your valve, determine what kind of fluid (gas, solids or liquids) will be passing through and the type of pipe that needs the valve. Iron, brass and bronze valves are low-cost but corrode easily with no resistance. Plastic valves are the most versatile and strong valve material option for almost any job because of its ability to handle high temperatures, chemical resistance and various pressures.

Take a look at our do-it-yourself guides on choosing valves and how-to fix a plumbing issue. We have valves for every issue and can help you determine what supplies you need for your dishwasher, toilet or shower valve project.

Whatever material you choose, we'll help make sure you get the best valves to finish the job.

Get It Now
When you’re ready to complete your plumbing project, our wide range of valves can help you get started or our team of certified, licensed plumbing technicians can come to you. From toilet installation to faucet replacement, our variety of services and financing options can get your fixture needs completed.

If you are a Pro, get bulk pricing and 2-day shipping on certain shut-off valves and supply lines to start flowing again right away. We can help you get the right valves for relief on your plumbing right away.

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