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Walk-In Closet Ideas

Consider Your Closet Needs
A closet system creates a fully organized space.

Whether you’re planning to turn your walk-closet into a dressing room complete with seating and lighting or you just need a few good spots to store your favorite shoes, there is a closet system for you. But there are a few things to consider before purchasing. 

  • Do you need a simpler design featuring wire shelving that will provide storage at different heights? 
  • Will you be storing more than clothing and need closet accessories like hooks, shoe racks, cabinets and drawers? 
  • Do you have the space to transform your entire walk-in closet with a larger modular system? 
  • Would you prefer to mix and match your closet design by incorporating a mix of wood and wire shelving as well as baskets, totes and bins for organizing?

Tip: Always measure your space to ensure your closet system and storage solutions fit well in your closet. 

What Is A Closet System?
Walk-in closet with a complete closet system in white wood.

Pre-designed yet flexible, modular closet systems help take the guesswork out of master closet design by providing one sleek, streamlined look. 

Depending on the type of accessories, closet hardware and other storage options you need, you can choose from collections that feature things like adjustable closet shelves, standard width closet drawers and cabinets or more simple designs that consists of basic wire shelving. Let’s take a look at the key differences between wood and wire shelving. 

Tip: Before you start, consider cleaning out your closet, getting rid of items you no longer need or use to make organization easier. 

Wire vs. Wood Shelving
A wire closet system featuring shelves and hanging rods.

Walk-in closet systems and closet shelving are available in both wood and wire options. 

It’s important to determine which is best for your closet before starting your project. Keep in mind that certain pieces can be mixed and matched. For instance, a master walk-in closet with ample space could utilize wire shelving for overflow storage and wood shelving for something like shoe or bag storage. Here are the key differences in wire and wood. 

Wire shelving

  • Versatile and cost effective.
  • Available in fixed and adjustable options.  
  • Sturdy to support everyday items like shoes and bags as well as heavier items like luggage and overflow storage. 
  • Easy to install on your own 
  • Most are available in a classic white color, so if you are looking for a truly customized look, wire may not be your choice. 
  • Slatted shelves may not be ideal for smaller items, so think of using baskets and bins to house smaller items you plan to store on the shelves. 
  • Ideal for hall closets, kids’ rooms and areas with smaller closet space. 

Wood shelving

  • Adds instant appeal with a clean, streamlined look.
  • Ideal for larger, walk-in spaces such as master closets 
  • Can be installed on your own or installed via closet design professionals.
  • Cost a bit more up front 
  • Sturdy and able to handle heavier storage
  • Provides a smooth, flat surface for clothing 
Closet Design And Planning Tips
A walk-in closet organized using a wood closet system and bins, basket and totes.

Once you have your closet system installed, it’s time to customize it for your lifestyle. 

  • Remember to design your closet for functionality so that everyday use items are kept within reach. 
  • Keep like items together to eliminate searching. 
  • Shelves are ideal for storing purses and shoes while drawers and closet organizers keep accessories like scarves and jewelry neatly sorted and tucked away. 
  • For function and beauty, vary your hanging heights. Utilize the full height of your closet with tall shelving which will come in handy for robes and long dresses but be sure to hang rods and shelving at lower levels for sweaters, shirts and clothing you may wear more often.
  • When in doubt, add more closet accessories. Drawer dividers and hanging rods can help double your storage space while a hamper will keep dirty laundry concealed in one tidy area. 

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